What is the best exercise for Cricketers?? (Fitness and Nutrition Tip #1)

This question is often asked by many people “What is the best exercise for Cricketers??”. Well I’ll give you the answer to that right now just continue reading. This exercise will help alot in your fitness but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any other exercise, but if I had to choose only one it would be the LUNGE.

cricket exercises

You can see the muscles that get effected by the Lunge in the picture above.


Why should you Lunge??

1. The Lunge works on numerous muscles of the body which are repeatedly used in the game of Cricket. You get alot in just one exercise.

2. Lunges help you gain speed. They strengthen your quadriceps. The quadriceps are responsible for extending your knees and flexing your hips,  this plays a really important role in sprinting. by this they obviously help improving Cricket performance when your chasing the ball, taking your run-up, running between the wickets etc…

3. Lunges develop your Gluetus Maximus. These muscles are responsible for extending your hips. This helps bowlers alot since they have to repeatedly put alot of pressure on their hips while bowling. If you want to become a world class fielder this is one exercise which is a MUST for you. As i told before it helps in running faster and it also helps in higher jumps to take those all important catches.

Every part of Cricket incorporates the Lunge technique. Batsmen when playing a front foot defence, switch hit, sweep , fast bowlers use the lunge technique in their delivery stride, fielders while diving and throwing, wicket-keepers while catching etc etc etc…

So remember to do the Lunge even if you don’t do anything else.

How often should I do it??

Lunges are a great way to tone your legs and hips. To get the best results you should do it often, but not every day. It’s best to do lunges three to four times a week for maximum results. Try doing three sets of 10 lunges to start. Add more lunges and weights as you go along. It is not necessary to  do them with weights. 2 times a week is enough for kids (without weights). You will be sore the next day, but this only means that the lunges are working.




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